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Singapore vs. Tokyo Cost of Living

There are diverse ways by which Singapore and Tokyo are comparable. The two countries are big, vibrant, clean and orderly. Singapore vs. Tokyo cost of living is quite similar, apart from little specific cultural differences and language. Both Singapore and Tokyo have the same top-notch business processes, abundant admittance to public transportation and a local center of attention on premium food.
The two cities are among the top most luxurious cities for expatriates in the world. When looking at Singapore vs. Tokyo cost of living, one can conclude that Tokyo is costlier than Singapore with a number of infrequent exceptions.

Food and Drinks

Alcohol is costly in Singapore, unlike Tokyo. The business and social culture in Tokyo connotes that alcohol is easy on the pocket as you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a bottle of sake or chill beer. Apart from hard beverages however, cost of food in Tokyo restaurant is the same with the one in Singapore.
Housing and Neighborhood Structures
As far as housing and neighborhood structures are concerned, Singapore provides a wide range of character – which means a reasonable amount of selection of rent prices. Facilities, square footage and location have a variable influence on rates. Selections are limited in Tokyo as small apartments and big condominiums are the two major options available. On the other hand, as far as small flats are concerned, Tokyo can be far more cost-effective than Singapore.


A public transportation service in Tokyo is costlier than for the same service in Singapore. Train pass in Tokyo is also on the high side than in Singapore while taxi rides in Tokyo are even on greater increase than what is obtainable in Singapore.
Another area of comparison is car prices. Japan offer automobile at low prices than Singapore because they are into automotive production and government of Japan encourages people to buy.
However, owing to limited petrol resources and space, Singapore limited ownership of a car, making car price to be high.


Cost of education will be of great concern, if you are planning to relocate to Tokyo or Singapore with school age kids. Singapore has exceptional program for public schooling, having the local students constantly soaring high in global performance measures.
Education pricing in Tokyo is quite affordable and remarkable as well. Reasonable amount of money is paid by a high school international student in Tokyo. Students in these schools will also have the chance of learning some of the local languages.
A lot of expatriate parents, particularly those planning to stay for longer periods consider sending their wards to local schools because they are affordable. Another good reason is that their kids will have a clear understanding of some languages such as Tamil, Malay, Mandarin Chinese and some other Singapore official languages apart from English.
Bottom Line
Singapore vs. Tokyo in cost of living can be done in terms of food and drinks, housing and transport. These two cities are similar in different ways except in few cases as analyzed above. The bottom line is that you will not regret staying in any of these two countries, irrespective of their differences.

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